We provide a clean and sober living environment, but do NOT provide alcohol, drug recovery or treatment services in the homes. All applicants must be no less than 30 days free from all substances and pass a drug screen upon entry. We do not accept those with dual diagnosis or major mental health issues. The minimum stay is 3 months and a 2-year max (provided all program rules are followed). Participant must be employable and physically able to work and be able financially support themselves within three months.

The first three months is a period of grace where participants are encouraged to get GA and Food Stamps; Unemployment; family support and/or any other means of income to pay the specified monthly program fee.  Participant must meet monthly program fee and obligations in order to participate in program.

All applicants are informed of the morals on which this program is based at the start of processing and may freely choose whether or not to enter this transitional life process. Resident Participants are informed that there are certain rules that must be followed and they are required to review these and agree to comply in writing.

Resident Participants should show a strong motivation and willingness to continue to participate in outside recovery services and/or other programs as directed, and comply with all policies and house rules.  Our sober living homes depend upon a reasonable attitude of cooperation between Resident Participants and are to be totally drug and alcohol free.

Men’s Empowerment Process

Group Based Educational Process

This 12 week process is the introduction phase to a process of on going personal  growth; restructuring individuals from homelessness, incarceration disenfranchisement and social stigmas.

For more information call 916-913-1918

A Spiritual, Mental and Physical Workshop that  promotes self esteem and sustainability

Batterers Intervention Program

We are certified to host 52 week Batterers Intervention.

Call for information 916-913-1918