Peacemakers Love Foundation/Good Cause Sacramento

To enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals, families and communities; to not only help themselves but others as well.

People Helping People Help Themselves

Peacemakers Love Foundation Good Cause Sacramento, a solution to the housing and homeless recidivism rate in the Sacramento community. Through a spiritual workshop that builds the individuals spiritually, mentally and physically. Restoring self esteem through LOVE!

We have been working with chronically homeless and disenfranchised individuals for the past 8 years. We have seen our county, state agencies and resources exhausted. We are addressing the homeless situation as though all the homeless need is housing. In doing this we have taken the tax payers money, grants, and charitable givers of our community and tossed their funds to the wind by not coming up with a true comprehensive way to reduce and ultimately end homelessness and recidivism in our community. And that is giving them the tools needed to sustain housing and employment .

We have established a self-help community that is now doing this! Good Cause Sacramento Men’s Empowerment Process; we prepare individuals with the tools necessary and have helped many men to restore their lives, be reacquainted with their families and sustain permanent housing. This restoration process is a minimum stay of 3 months while the average resident/participant remains for up to 2 years. The first 3 months the participant must attend the Men’s Empowerment Process and participate in work therapy in our give back program in one of the various positions it takes to run the organization. The process also serves as the vocation and educational instruction of the program. The organization is run solely by the participants and the volunteers who have reached out to help and train them.

This process offers clean and sober safe housing; during their time the participants are required to earn a GED if they do not have a diploma and are instructed in different marketable skills. Our spiritual, vocational, educational and work oriented process instructs individuals in a way that empowers them to be self-sustainable with confidence. Beyond educational and vocational instruction, residents learn important values, and social and interpersonal skills that allow them to live successfully in the mainstream of society. We confront their past so they may move on to the future.

Since opening our doors, we have functioned solely on donations and funds generated through volunteers, community, participants and other nonprofits.

Restoring Unity In The Community

Sponsor-A-Bed—For $750 per month you can sponsor someone on this journey.
Mentor-A-Man— This is done through the love of others (Iron Sharpens Iron)
Volunteer— We need instructors, guest speakers, administrative assistants, coordinators, fundraisers and more
Transportation—A monthly pass is $110 a month or $6 a day, or a bicycle
Clothing/Shoes/Hygiene — Underwear, socks, dress shirts, slacks, shoes and any personal hygiene products for men.

There are many ways for you to get involved or help us restore the Unity in our Community. People helping people help themselves is the way that we show that, “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”

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100% of funds received and/or generated go directly back into support of our Processes.
Establish innovative and broad based processes and support systems that renew, restore, prepare and empower individuals for success to achieve sustainability in Housing, Education and Employment

Facilitate programs and services that create purpose, compassion and faith in oneself; leading to hope for a brighter future.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork