Our Team

Our Team
Founder & CEO of Peacemakers Love Foundation/Good Cause Sacramento 501(c)(3) and Author and Director of the Empowerment Process. Malcolm has been working with the transformation of individuals since 2006; Creating an effective process that transitions individuals from addiction, incarceration, and homelessness,; while eliminating social and economic marginalization.
Colleen M. McCusker
Executive Director of Peacemakers Love Foundation/Good Cause Sacramento, a nonprofit organization. She and her husband, Malcolm Johnson, have helped change the lives of 100’s of men in the Sacramento area. Colleen is also the Housing Director of a National Drug and Alcohol Rehab Corporation and has extensive knowledge of the early recovery process.  She is connected to several key programs in the Sacramento area that transition men and women to their most productive and authentic selves. Her recovery expertise and compassion for our intended guest participants will be a blessing to all women who enter the Beech House.
Tara L. Getty
Tara Getty is a Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Coach. Tara has been working in the Field of Early Addiction Recovery for 3 years. She believes that recovery is a daily event that requires an earnest desire to heal. Tara is living proof that the greatest pathway to freedom is through healing – mind, body and spirit. Tara is a graduate of Cal Poly SLO, a former gym owner and outreach coordinator for Bayside Church. She has 4.5 years of sobriety and uses that experience to enhance her gift of love .